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We won the grant application for improvements in our community garden corners.

Together we are stronger!

It is with great excitement to announce that us The Green Project Shepherds Bush in partnership with Wormholt Residents Association have been successful in the grant application for improvements in our community garden corners. The resident-led Investment Group noted the positive effects that our community gardening initiative has brought to the area and agreed to fully fund the next phase of the project.

Who will be doing the works and what will be done?

Over the last year together we have been transforming three green corners along Sawley Road it will receive further improvement by way of having new metal garden fencing, decorative arches and gates installed in order to allow improved protection and access for all residents’ mobility needs. The funding will also provide nursery, composting and secure tool-storage facilities, as well as raised beds, water access and semi-seating.

The improvements will be delivered by Idverde, the council’s grounds maintenance contractor. Here’s a few snapshots of how the space will look:

· Grassed areas - Rejuvenate 3 grassed areas on the estate by installing metal fencing with a gated access point for different residents mobility needs (disable, seniors, children)

· Vegetable planters – Addition of vegetables planter to grow vegetable for communal learning and enjoyment.

· Planters & Storage - The proposal includes metal garden fencing with door access and the installation of a garden tool storage unit with a nursery plant and compost area.

Our green spaces and our environment have become even more important during this year with many of us spending more time at home and we hope that you’ll agree

that this project will help to improve your community garden.

The works are due to start in April 2021.

The delivering of the project investment will continue involving local residents as much as possible. Feel free to get in touch and be part of this lovely initiative.

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