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The Gallery

Shepherd's Bush is a theatre of international culture: 

Our Gallery is curated by the submission of content, by whoever wants to contribute and upload or send their images to us; through snail mail (traditional letter with prints), email, or social media. 

We feature photos on our website, print and social media, so even if you are a spring shooter, a budding professional or a blossoming Master Curator, our corners could be your studio. We will attribute all image content and endeavour to maximise the effort to the best of our ability based on consumer and commercial programmes.  

*Subjects are local respectable people who go about their day to day business. See our privacy policy.


- If you would like to use our settings to produce artwork and want local subjects* - we would love to fulfil your brief. 


Does your client want an alternative location, a curated garden shot for a life event; graduation, pregnancy, wedding or funeral, in their urban setting where flowers are abundant?

Maybe you are, or a client is a QPR fan?   Contact us today.


Contemporary Writers: contact us for access to our content and affiliation advice.


Urban Video Specialists - contact us for loads of cool gardening video and animation content.

Set Designers - our corners have amenities to fulfil all your requirements - down to carbon offsetting of vehicle parking. Choose us to be your primary location partner.  

Film and Studio location - The Corners of streets make excellent vantage points, contact us today for information on production benefits, energy and social responsibility!     

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Get in touch with us today to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.
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