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Spring 2022 flowering bulb fundraising

Back in February 2021 when John Hoar donated his lovely birdbath to our project we were imagining that one day we will see birds bathing in a busy London corner. At that point that was only a dream, almost too fantastic to believe it. Now only 7 months after it is a reality. This weekend we saw so many sparrows that come to welcome us almost like a good omen for our fundraising. It was so joyful to see them.

We exchanged hollyhocks seeds given by Kev Colbear packed by Annie from Spiritus and some plants in ceramic pots donated by The Felix Project in exchange for a donation. We couldn’t be more grateful to our neighbours for all their appreciation and donations towards a bright and colourful 2022 spring, as well as to all our volunteers for their hard work, Mutthu, Hasan, Paulina, María, Tania, Jacqui, Annie, Grainneb, Bryan, Marisol Mark and our star littler sales boy Kayden

Please follow our updates or join us at the flowering bulb planting you are welcome to plant spring in Shepherd’s Bush

Please find below the list of our donors

We even are planning to get some solar-powered sensor lights to illuminate the alley heading Bloenfontain corner with Sawley Road

Follow our updates, Thank you!


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