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NIP investment update, please give us your opinion about the designs

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

14/08/2021 Update

We just received and updated from Idverde on their draft designs for the fences, storage tool, compost bin and other garden features


Back in March 2021. The Green Project Shepherds Bush in partnership with Wormholt Residents Association have won the grant application for improvements in our community garden corners, from the resident-led Investment Group.

Please see the comparison of our proposal sent to the investment group and IdVerde designs, all are subject to your suggestions and the garden needs.

Please give us your feedback, your opinion is very important. Give us your views you can either make a comment directly on this post or send an email to

If you have any question, please do not doubt to contact us.

Many thanks,

Maria Scott

Volunteer coordinator

Please leave your comments,


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6 Yorum

nick gordon
nick gordon
24 Eki 2021

Hi everyone is the guy who is making the the panels and arches the same person who is giving free gifts to the project hmm bribery


nick gordon
nick gordon
02 Eki 2021

Hi if the panels and arches are already made is it not waste of time and money but I guess it’s easy to spend someone else’s money good luck with project


Cherine Hamid
Cherine Hamid
25 Ağu 2021

Hi Maria, thank you for sending this out. I would echo the comments that moving forward is better than perfect but at the same time also prefer the original design. Story telling seats look fantastic.

Many thanks, Cherine


The original designs proposed by The Green Project reflect the spirit of the spaces and nature. The rounded fencing proposed by IdVerde, is that due to health and safety?

Trish Wylie


Chico Pacheco
Chico Pacheco
23 Ağu 2021

Agree the originals are much better.

Story telling seats is a great idea, is this included in their proposal? And not sure about the shed, its big and ugly and takes away space from the plants.

Thanks, Chico

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